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The Honourable Hydrangea

Jos ClarkeComment

Gardening would have to be one of the most sensual of art forms, and just as a painter has a predilection for a certain colour or technique and a chef strives for a particular taste sensation we gardeners have our signature plants without which we consider our gardens unfinished or fall short.

Gardeners know that there are some plants that will stand the test of time. That for the local conditions there is a certain plant or plants that will perform consistently regardless.  It doesn’t seem to matter what the fashion gurus dictate or what the latest architectural trends are doing, when it comes to gardens there are just some plants that are always deserving of a space.

Hydrangeas are just such a plant. Hydrangeas are no longer considered old fashioned. Their popularity has surged as a garden must have, and also as a cut flower, for their long lasting blooms. Hydrangeas are great plants to use in landscaping if you want to add character to your garden. They come in many forms and sizes, Mophead Hydrangeas, lacecaps, oakleaf, paniculata and arborescens varieties. They come in pinks, blues, crimsons, violets, whites and varying shades of in between. Alter their colour by the addition of some lime or aluminium sulphate. Use them to create and emphasize boundaries in the garden, create a focal point or mass plant for dramatic impact.

Just as the ever popular “Renate Steineger” stuns me with its violet depths the gorgeous “Annabelle” steals my heart with the romanticism of a bygone era. When it comes to Hydrangeas we gardeners are spoilt for choice. They are easy to care for, their flowers bloom from summer through to fall and best of all, as the flowers senesce they delight us even more as they would have to epitomise the phrase “aging gracefully”.